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A Wood Post Fence: Perfect for a Ranch or Farm

By July 21, 2014No Comments

A wood post fence is a perfect choice for ranches, farms, and other locations with large amounts of property to enclose. These fences are excellent at keeping horses, cows, and other big animals from straying. They also have classic western styling that fits in perfectly with southern Texas homes and property. Here’s a closer look at this excellent choice for fencing:

  • Post fences consist of upright posts, usually made of wood, which support two or more vertical lengths of railing. The posts may hold the rails in place with pre-drilled holes or by screwing or nailing the rails directly onto the posts. These fences are great for marking off or enclosing square blocks of land, as they generally feature sharp, distinct corners. But they can be made into oval or round shapes as well.
  • The rails for post fences can be round, square, or partly rounded in shape. The posts themselves can be made of brick or even large stones, though these options are less common than wood.
  • Post fences can have various types of wire added to their interior runs to enhance security. This can help to keep in smaller animals like chickens or goats. It will also deter human trespassers.
  • Post fences require less time to erect than other types, allowing them to be installed in a relatively short period of time. This makes them ideal for time-sensitive projects.
  • The free-standing nature of a post fence makes repair of individual sections quick and easy. Damage to brick or stone fences, on the other hand, may require more extensive work and longer down times.

While the post fence design is simpler than others, it still requires trained professionals to build it right. That’s why, whether you go with a post fence or some other option, you should trust the job to American Fence & Deck. We do top-quality work for affordable prices, and it is backed by world-class customer service. Call us today to find out more.

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