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Looking for San Antonio patio covers to round off your backyard project? Here are some advantages of patio covers:

  • Patio covers add to your home’s covered living space, allowing you and your family to enjoy the great outdoors more often during the year.
  • Patio covers offer significant cooling during the summer; studies show that a patio cover can reduce temperatures by as much as 20% when compared to the surrounding air.
  • They provide protection for your patio furnishings. Even high quality outdoor furniture suffers damage from sun, rain, and wind over time. A San Antonio patio cover helps to protect your furniture investment from the elements so you can enjoy it longer and save money on replacement costs.
  • San Antonio patio covers can also reduce the amount of money it costs to cool the inside of your home by blocking the summer sun’s sweltering rays from striking your windows.
  • A patio cover will also protect your patio’s surface.  Whether your outdoor space is made from concrete, masonry tile, or wooden decking, sun and precipitation will break these materials down over time.  Patio covers help to safeguard against these effects, keeping money in your pocket.

Which Material is Best for Your San Antonio Patio Cover?

Whether you’re looking for a shingled extension of your roof over your porch, or a separate arbor or slate-covered gazebo area, we can help! We work with aluminum, wood, slate, shingle, or whatever you want. As we like to say, “You dream it…. We build it!” So whatever custom decks and patios you have in mind, we can make them a reality for you.

  • Aluminum is very lightweight, making it the ideal material when covering a large space for minimal cost. It is also highly resistant to solar rays, making it perfect for hot, sunny environments like San Antonio. Aluminum stands up well to moisture, and can give either a modern or rustic look, depending on the style you’re going for.
  • Wood, on the other hand, is a very strong structural material.  It’s easy to hang fans, potted plants, and lighting elements from wooden components. It also is a very natural-looking material, and is highly versatile; it can be easily adjusted to fit a variety of size, length and design needs.
  • Slate tiles are highly durable, and can be obtained in a wide variety of colors and sizes. It is also long-lasting, fire- and weather-resistant, and eco-friendly.
  • If your patio is attached to your home and you would like the roof to look like a natural extension of the existing roofline, we can do a shingle roof so your new San Antonio patio cover blends in.

Having a San Antonio patio cover is a smart move for many reasons.  Start the process today by giving American Fence & Deck a call.  We’ll be glad to give you a fast and free estimate in 30 minutes or less.

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