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Wrought Iron Fences and Gates

Wrought Iron Fences & Gates Gallery

Some products never go out of style.  Take ornamental wrought iron fences as an example; for centuries iron fencing has conveyed a sense of dignity, pride, and taste.  It makes as much of an aesthetic impact in the 21st century as it did 500 years ago.  That’s why wrought iron is the fencing material of choice for prestigious institutions as well as fine family homes.  With American Fence and Deck, you can enjoy all the great benefits wrought iron offers.  These include:

  • Unrivaled beautyWrought iron fences will help to make your home a place of beauty and distinction.  Your property will receive admiring looks, and you’ll be able to entertain higher offers when it comes time to sell.  You see, a wrought iron fence is not only a great choice style-wise, but it also makes sense from a long-term point of view.
  • Security and peace of mind.  Iron fences are a powerful deterrent to trespassers and home invaders.  No criminal wants to climb over those tall spires and risk being impaled in the process.  However, wrought iron also looks serene and inviting, due to its spacious, open design.  You’ll enjoy peace of mind without feeling like you’ve sealed yourself off from the world.
  • Freedom from expensive, time-consuming upkeep.  Unlike wood panels, you won’t need to stain your wrought iron fences or replace sections that the weather has damaged.  Termites will never infest it and winds won’t blow it down.  Long after other fences have collapsed, yours will remain beautiful while shrugging off the effects of weather.  There’s no better way to set yourself apart as a person with both foresight and impeccable good taste.

American Fence & Deck proudly offers wrought iron fencing and other top-quality fence options.  Plus, our work is performed by professionals and backed by our iron-clad guarantee of satisfaction.  Call us today to find out more.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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