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Split Rail Cedar & Wire Fences

Split Rail Cedar & Wire Fences Gallery

If you’re looking for a more vintage or rustic look for your fence, split rail designs go perfectly with cedar post fence installations. American Fence & Deck can make sure you get to enjoy the look and benefits of a cedar post fence without having to break the bank.

Split-Rail Fencing: a Classic Choice

On the American frontier, settlers learned to use whatever materials were on hand to construct their homesteads.  In areas where timber was abundant and post holes hard to dig, split rail fences became especially common.  While many types of hardwood were used, a cedar post fence was often preferred due to its strength, beauty, and resistance to rot.

Today you can enjoy all the benefits of split rail fences, without having to move to the frontier or set up a remote cabin.  American Fence & Deck will be glad to create the cedar post fence of your dreams.

Cedar is the Best Wood for the Outdoors

When it comes to wooden structures that must stand up to the elements, nothing beats cedar.  Here’s why:

  • Cedar lasts for years, shrugging off the effects of sun, wind, and rain, with no need for toxic preservatives, paint, or other artificial compounds.  You’ll have no worries about chemicals harming your family or leeching into the ground.  Cedar’s natural oils guard against both rot and insect infestation.
  • Cedar offers unmatched natural beauty, due to its color, grain, and overall character.  It actually looks better as it ages.  You’ll find no better way to improve your home’s curb appeal than by adding a split rail design cedar post fence
  • Cedar has a pleasing aroma that’s sure to earn compliments from friends and family.
  • Cedar is very easy to care for.  Simply apply a basic outdoor stain every now and then; that’s it.  Sealants and paints are not necessary.

With the knowledge and experience of American Fence & Deck’s trained professionals on your side, you’ll be enjoying your new cedar post fence sooner than you think!  Contact us today to find out more.