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Custom Privacy Fencing

Custom Privacy Fence Gallery

Are you looking to add a fence around your yard? A custom privacy fence offers many benefits.

Reasons to Get a Privacy Fence

  • To establish boundaries – There’s an old saying: “Good fences make good neighbors.”  In many cases it’s true!  Marking exactly where your property begins or ends can prevent disputes and help everyone get along better.  It can also give you an edge, should you ever be forced to seek legal action.
  • To keep pools and ponds safe – For both liability reasons and general safety, it just makes sense to restrict access to a body of water on your property.  Tragically, hundreds of accidental drownings occur each year when a child or unwary adult falls into a pool or pond on someone else’s land.  A privacy fence can prevent this from happening on your property.
  • To enhance security – Thieves are drawn to homes where nice possessions are apparent and security measures are minimal.  A custom privacy fence deters criminals both by obscuring their view of your property and by making your area difficult to access.
  • To moderate winds – A hot wind or frigid blast can make extreme temperatures even worse, no matter what time of year it is.  A privacy fence can act as a windbreak, making your yard more bearable and helping to reduce your power bills.
  • To control animals – A privacy fence can keep pesky or dangerous animals off your land, or keep your pets in your yard, making life better and safer for both you and them.
  • Privacy – Last but not least, a custom privacy fence offers exactly what its name implies: privacy.  If you have an outside pool, sauna, hot tub, sunbathing area, or other facility you wish to keep away from roving eyes, then a privacy fence is an ideal solution.  Privacy fences can also block annoying lights during evening hours.

Thanks to American Fence & Deck, you don’t have to trade the peace of mind that comes with high-grade construction and top-quality materials to get a reasonable price on a custom privacy fence! Our San Antonio custom decks and patios specialists are dedicated to customer satisfaction. The first step towards getting your new fence is to contact American Fence & Deck today.  We’ll gladly give you a fast, free, no-obligation estimate so you have the information you need to make your decision.

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