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Stone and Brick Columns

Stone & Brick Columns Gallery

Nothing suggests dignity, quality, and lasting strength like wrought iron fencesThese impressive structures are especially attractive when combined with columns made of brick or stone, like the kind our craftsmen are skilled at building.  When you hire American Fence & Deck, you can enjoy old-world quality in a modern setting.

What are Wrought Iron Fences?

“Wrought iron” originally applied to metal that was shaped purely by hand using hammers.  Nowadays it refers to a type of iron that combines classic good looks with durability to form the perfect substance for fence building.  Compared to other materials, wrought iron fences offer benefits like these:

  • Substantial appearance – A wrought iron fence is usually associated with fine old homes and time-honored institutions, due to its impressive looks.  This same effect can complement your home or business nicely.
  • Rust resistance – While any iron will eventually rust, the type we use in our wrought iron fences holds up well, even over the course of decades.  Only minimal maintenance is needed to keep it looking good.
  • Crime prevention – The imposing appearance of a wrought iron fence offers a potent psychological deterrent to any criminal who might otherwise target your home and your family.  It can also be made with pointed tips or other finishes that are difficult to climb over.
  • Value – Wrought iron fences give a home irresistible curb appeal.  This can be a major factor when it comes to overcoming objections and obtaining a good selling price.  A wrought iron fence may even improve the house’s market value.  Ask your realtor for more information.

If you’re interested in adding the beauty and safety of a wrought iron fence to your property, then call us today for a fast, free estimate.  We look forward to hearing from you.