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San Antonio Fencing: How High Should Yours Be?

By April 28, 2014No Comments

One of the many factors to consider when deciding on San Antonio fencing is how high your fence should be.  To help you with this all-important choice, here are some factors to consider:

  • Purpose – Start with asking yourself a basic question: “Why am I interested in San Antonio fencing?”  Do you wish to contain your pets?  Do you want to enhance security?  Are you interested in blocking out your neighbor’s floodlight, the one that drives you crazy when you’re trying to look at the stars?  Do you have security concerns?  Do you want to increase your privacy?  Do you have a vegetable or flower garden you wish to protect from pests?  Do you simply wish to define your property borders?  Make a list of all the factors that figure into your desire for San Antonio fencing; this will help you to make specific decisions about height, materials, size, etc.
  • Rules – If your area is governed by private covenants or public building statutes, then you will want to make sure that your new fence complies with these rules.  This includes regulations on height.  If you’re in doubt, ask for our feedback when you speak with us; we will help in any way we can.
  • The future – We recommend that you consider not only your present situation but also what the years ahead may bring.  This will help to ensure that your San Antonio fencing investment continues to serve your needs.  For example, your area may get very dark and quiet after the sun goes down.  Is there talk of development at some point down the road?  More homes mean more noise, lighting, etc.  Check with your county agent or Chamber of Commerce for information on possible zoning changes and other factors.
  • Budget – This will of course be a major consideration in your plans.  While we welcome large orders, we never want our customers to take on an expense they will having trouble paying for.  So be realistic about both your resources and your needs.

After you’ve worked through the checklist above, give us a call for a fast, free estimate.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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