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San Antonio Fence Contractors: 5 Red Flags to Watch for

By March 31, 2014No Comments

Most San Antonio fence contractors are honest and above-board.  Unfortunately, there are always a few rotten apples in any barrel, including the construction and home improvement fields.  To help our readers protect themselves, we offer these five warning signs to watch out for:

  1. High-pressure tactics – You may get a person at your door offering a “one-time only deal.”  Other times you might be called by a telemarketer who offers you the “chance of a lifetime.”  More often than not, these types of deals have serious strings attached.  We recommend avoiding them.
  2. Demanding payment upfront – This is almost always a bad sign.  Legitimate contractors complete the work first (though some may ask for a deposit to cover materials).  Pass on anyone who wants the entire amount, or a substantial portion of it, before any work is done.
  3. If they have no credentials – Trustworthy San Antonio fence contractors go out of their way to show that they’re established.  Many of them have offices, though smaller business owners often work out of their homes.  They have business cards.  Quite often they have websites.  If you have any doubts, call the city’s Chamber of Commerce. Bottom line: anyone who seems like they’re drifting through town isn’t worth your trust or your time.
  4. If they have no references – Honest, established firms are glad to provide contact information for past customers.  Con artists, on the other hand, talk about their past as little as possible.  So always check with past clients first.  This bit of advice can save you tens of thousands of dollars by itself.
  5. If you have heard that criminals are active in your area – Phony contractors often travel as a group, victimizing one town then moving to the next.  Law enforcement often notifies the public when they learn that these groups are around.  So if your community is on the alert, then you should be especially cautious.

We offer these tips about San Antonio fence contractors for two reasons: we want to protect the public, and we are proud of our excellent reputation and record of quality, reliable service.

American Fence & Deck is family-owned and operated, and we are insured for your protection. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers. If you need any type of fence, patio, or deck work done, contact us today.

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