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Privacy Fence Designs: Eight Factors to Consider

By July 10, 2014No Comments

When considering privacy fence designs, there are many factors to take into account. Here are eight of the most important:

  1. The reason you want a privacy fence – For example, some homeowners simply want to feel comfortable while in their pool or hot tub. Others are concerned about intruders or other security risks. Some want to block all views of their property while others merely want to discourage a nosy neighbor or avoid looking at a nearby eyesore. Some wish to make climbing or dismantling the fence virtually impossible. Other homeowners may be more concerned about keeping dogs or other pets from wandering away than anything else. Your specific needs will depend on many factors. So create a list of the reasons why a privacy fence is important to you. This will help you make crucial decisions later on.
  2. The degree of privacy you want – Some people prefer a fence that completely blocks out views of the outside world. But this option can have disadvantages, such as creating a feeling of isolation or blocking out cooling breezes. Others also feel that a totally closed fence gives a home an institutional look. These may or may not be concerns for you, but you should give them some thought before making any final decisions. One possible option is a fence with slats that alternate between the interior and exterior sides of the rails. This design offers excellent privacy while also allowing some wind to pass through.
  3. The type of material you prefer – Most of our clients choose the great looks, affordability, and durability of wood fencing. Others, however, prefer vinyl, masonry, or composite materials. All of these can make for great privacy fencing, so go with the type you like best.
  4. The maintenance requirements of each type of fence – For example, most varieties of wood require occasional refinishing. Vinyl is perhaps the easiest type to care for, but some people don’t care for the way it looks (while others love it). Cedar provides excellent moisture resistance and long life, but some types of cedar require a lot of upkeep. Masonry fences are strong and impressive but will probably need occasional power washing or sand blasting. Consider all these facts when making your choice.
  5. The possibility of using chain link for your privacy fence – With the simple addition of attractive, affordable screens, a chain link fence can greatly increase your feeling of security and your home’s appearance as well. Modern chain link materials come in a variety of beautiful colors that resist fading and rusting, making this an option well worth considering.
  6. Running water or other landscape features that may require special measures – For example, those who are worried about intruders will need bars, wire mesh, pipes, or some other means to prevent trespassers from simply crawling through their stream bed.
  7. The desired height – Generally, privacy fencing should be at least 6 feet high to be effective. Some people, however, may find that 8, 10, or 12 foot designs best meet their needs. Of course, added height will affect cost and other factors, so keep these facts in mind as well.
  8. The right company to turn your privacy fence designs into reality – This is probably the easiest of the eight factors mentioned in this article to resolve. American Fence & Deck stands head and shoulders over its competitors by offering an unbeatable mix of excellent quality, outstanding customer service, and reasonable pricing. Our workers are highly trained, reliable, and professional in every sense. So make us your first choice for all your fencing or decking needs. You’ll be glad you did – and so will we. Call us today to arrange a free, no obligation quote.

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