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Pricing Your San Antonio Fence Installation: 4 Factors to Consider

By April 21, 2014No Comments

A San Antonio fence installation is a great investment.  Fences establish borders, enhance appearance, establish privacy, and can add security or block unwelcome views when needed.  Of course, cost is always a factor when deciding on fence length, height, and other options.  While it’s impossible to provide an exact quote without seeing your property first, here are some of the factors that may affect the final price.


Living in the Texas Hill Country, you’re bound to have some hills and elevation changes that may influence pricing.  However, other geographical features can also affect the price of San Antonio fence installation.  These can include:

  • Streams, gulleys, and other depressions
  • Trees or heavy brush
  • Stony spots or other areas where postholes cannot be excavated without special equipment


Location: Country or City

Urban and suburban areas are often subject to codes, covenants, and other regulations that don’t concern folks in rural areas.  These rules may require purchasing permits, using certain types of materials, or scheduling inspections by government officials.  We’ll cover these factors with you during your free consultation.



This is one of the biggest choices homeowners make when deciding on fencing options.  Chain link materials vary depending on quality, color, and finishings.  In the same way, wooden fencing can range widely in cost depending on the types of wood used and the design chosen.

Shape and Size of Yard

The material costs of San Antonio fence installation are largely determined by linear foot.  So the longer the fence, the greater the costs involved.  Also, round or other non-standard fencing designs may be harder to create than standard squares or rectangles, which would influence prices accordingly.

Getting an Estimate

Getting an estimate from American Fence and Deck is an easy, no-hassle process.  Simply call us to arrange a visit at a time that’s best for you.  We will spend 20-30 minutes with you looking over your property and discussing your needs.  We will call you back in no time at all with your estimate, and from there it’s up to you.  So get in touch with us today.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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