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Live in a Windy Region? A Wooden Privacy Fence Can Help

By September 18, 2014No Comments

A wooden privacy fence can make a huge difference for both ranchers and folks living in the suburbs when it comes to blocking out unwelcome winds. Here are some of the major benefits of this type of fencing.

Residential Uses

Wind can have a huge effect on heating and cooling bills. Cold winter winds can force your furnace to work overtime while hot summer breezes can drive your air conditioning bills through the roof. A wooden privacy fence will not only block unwelcome viewing of your property, but also help slash your utility costs. This benefit will continue long after your new fencing is paid for.

Agricultural Uses

A number of studies have shown that winds, especially cold winter ones, have a huge effect on cattle health and size. For example, a 20 mile per hour wind has the same effect as a 30 degree drop in temperature. This can create a devastating effect on cattle weight and well-being, which is neither good for them or the prices you can expect to fetch at market. At the same time, summer breezes can carry dust, insects, and objectionable smells for miles, potentially spreading disease or upsetting neighbors.

The single best way to reduce or even eliminate these problems is with a wooden privacy fence. Unlike other types of fencing, privacy barriers block winds entirely, vastly reducing their effect on agricultural operations, and if your primary residence is located on your farm or ranch, then you will enjoy both the residential and agricultural benefits of a wooden privacy fence.

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