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Five Factors that Affect How Fence Companies in San Antonio Determine Pricing

By September 10, 2014No Comments

Fence companies in San Antonio take a number of factors into consideration when working out estimates. Knowing more about how that process works can make you a more informed customer, one who can know exactly what you’re getting for your hard-earned money. With that in mind, here’s a look at what goes into pricing fencing:

  1. Materials – Generally, the least expensive type of fencing is chain link, followed by wood, vinyl, composite, aluminum, and wrought iron. Which type of material you choose is purely a matter of personal preference; all are great options.
  2. Ease of access – It’s easier for fence companies in San Antonio to transport supplies to a suburban home than to a distant parcel of land. The distance traveled and the geographical features in the area are reflected in the final cost of your fencing.
  3. Land preparation – Property that is wide, flat, and free of obstacles like streams, culverts, ditches, vegetation, etc. is easier to prepare. On the other hand, when trees, brush, stones, etc. must be removed, this can add significantly to the price fence companies in San Antonio must charge.
  4. Height – Wood fencing usually ranges from 4’ to 8’ high. Put simply, the greater the height, the higher the cost of materials. A decorative fence or one meant to keep in a small dog can be lower than one intended for privacy purposes.
  5. Features – Some fences will require no additional features. Others may call for one or more gates. Some will need automated or remote-controlled gates large enough to allow vehicles to pass through. Some may require certain support structures. Your final price will vary depending on these factors.

Choosing Among Fence Companies in San Antonio

American Fence & Deck stands apart from other companies in the area due to its highly trained personnel, many years of experience, and high levels of expertise in all phases of fence construction. So when you’re in need of fencing or decking, call us right away. We look forward to serving you.

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