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Designing Custom Decks and Fences to Fit Your Property

When it comes to custom decks and fences, you need a contractor that has the tools and experience to make your dreams come true. In other words, you need American Fence & Deck. Here are just some of the many ways we can match your deck or fence to your home:

  • By building your deck in any shape you choose – Traditional square and rectangle designs are perfect choices, of course. But you can also have an oval or hexagonal deck if you like, or we can build something totally different. Just tell us what your vision is, and we’ll do our absolute best to make it come true.
  • By choosing from a variety of decking and fencing materials – Wood is a can’t-miss, time-honored choice, and it is one that offers long-lasting value. But you can choose from dozens of slat or panel designs as well as multiple colors and varieties of wood. Or if you like, we can also build your fence or deck from many different types of wood, composite lumber, or a variety of other materials. The only limit is what matches your tastes.
  • By making your new fence high, low, open, ultra-private, or whatever you like – This is especially true when you choose wood fencing, as it is available in an almost limitless variety of shades, shapes, designs, and heights. For example, an old-west post and rail fence is an easy, attractive way to enclose large amounts of land. On the other hand, maybe you want ultimate privacy and security. If so, then we can make your fence as tall as you like and strong enough to resist even the most determined trespassers.
  • By offering options like planter boxes for decks or powered gates for fences – We recognize that some of our customers have special wants or needs, and we will work with them in every way possible. Your way is our way.

With all these options available for custom decks and fences, isn’t it time you got the ball rolling on your own project? Call us today for more information or a free estimate.

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