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Are Chain Link Fences Right for Your Property?

By July 24, 2014No Comments

Chain link fences are popular in and around San Antonio, and with good reason. They offer several benefits, such as strength, durability, great looks, and affordability. Here are some reasons to consider a chain link fence for your property:

  • Chain link fencing does a great job of keeping in pets, especially dogs, while also deterring intruders.
  • Chain link fences offer great strength without appearing sterile or unsightly. This is especially true with modern chain link designs that come in a choice of colors and/or that feature vinyl coatings.
  • Chain link fencing is relatively easy to install, saving on labor costs compared to other choices. This makes it very reasonably priced in most cases.
  • Chain link secures and marks property without blocking views of the outside world or blocking refreshing, cool breezes. This last factor is especially important in hot climates like those found in southern Texas where the wind may be the only thing that offers relief on a scorching summer day. Chain link also allows sunlight to freely pass through, which can help moderate the effects of winter’s cold as well.
  • Chain link fencing typically lasts 20 years or more and is highly resistant to the elements. This is due to the fact that it is coated with a thin polymer material that greatly adds to its durability and life span.
  • Chain link fencescan be built at almost any height desired, from three feet to well over twelve. It also comes in a variety of wire thicknesses, or gauges, and the size of the square patterns can be customized as well, from small and tight to wide and open.
  • Chain link can make for great privacy fencing with the addition of affordable, easy-care screens that flatter the material’s look and enhance its security and durability.

These are just some of the many advantages of chain link fences. Call us today to find out more.

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