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How to Care for Iron Fences: Six Tips to Keep in Mind

By August 11, 2014No Comments

Iron fences offer decades of beauty and home security with a minimal amount of care. This is especially true in areas of the country like South Texas, which get less rainfall than most other states. Of course, any investment offers the best returns when it receives proper maintenance. This is just as true of iron fences as it is of your home and your automobile. So here are some helpful tips that will keep your new fence in top shape for many, many years to come:

  1. Apply a rust-proofing sealant to the exterior to resist airborne moisture. You have many products to choose from, including paints, wax-based solutions, and other easy-to-use compounds.
  2. Every now and then, it pays to wash iron fences with a little water mixed with a mild dish detergent. This will remove corrosive compounds from the air that can build up on the fence over time. The cleaning liquid will dry quickly, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it promoting rust, especially if you follow the other tips in this post.
  3. Give your fence a quick look-over once in a while. Try to spot any bent sections, rust, or other problems to target for maintenance.
  4. If you do notice an occasional blemish, such as a small rusty spot, then correcting the issue is a simple matter of rubbing the area with a piece of steel wool and then applying a dab of paint or sealant, whichever best matches the rest of the fence. This takes only a few seconds, but it provides long-lasting benefits.
  5. The best way to maintainiron fences is to choose the right contractor to install them. This will ensure that you get top-quality materials and craftsmanship.

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