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The Best Materials for Privacy Fences

Privacy fences serve a special need: they allow homeowners to enjoy their home and property without worrying about stalkers, peeping Toms, or trespassers. Fortunately, there’s no need to sacrifice on beauty or style with this type of fencing. Here are some of the material options you can choose from:

  • Wood – There’s a reason why wood fencing is so popular. No other material offers the same combination of great looks, durability, and customizability. We can build wood privacy fencesto any height you prefer, with plenty of choices for color, shape, and design. We can surround your entire property if you like, or we can just focus on secluding a particular area.
  • Vinyl or composite materials – Today’s technology offers a wider range of building materials than ever before. These include fencing panels or slats that resist the effects of wind, rain, and sun, keeping their great looks for years while remaining easy to care for. Synthetic choices like vinyl or composite lumber are great options for those who want the ultimate in privacy, security, and convenience.
  • Masonry – Brick and stone have been associated with security for centuries, and with good reason. These materials make privacy fencesthat will deter even the most determined onlookers or interlopers while also flattering your home and setting you apart as a person of status and impeccable taste at the same time.
  • Chain link – At first, chain link may not sound like the best choice for a privacy fence. But did you know that this versatile material can be made to seclude your property with the addition of attractive, easy-to-care-for screens? The results of this approach are both practical and affordable, yet you’ll sacrifice nothing in terms of beauty. Why not find out more about the many advantages of chain link privacy fencing today?

Here at American Fence & Deck, we take each one of our clients’ input seriously. So call us today to find out how we can meet your need for privacy fences.

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