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7 Types of Wood Fences: Which One is Right for You?

There are many types of wood fences to consider, each of which offers unique benefits.  To help you in your decision process, here’s a look at 7 attractive designs for wooden fences.  Each will enhance your privacy and your property’s appearance.

  1. Board-on-Board Fencing

With this design, a pair of rails runs near the top and bottom of the posts, and boards run in a semi-tight pattern on both sides, interspersed with open areas that allow breezes to pass through.  This is a great design that meets most people’s privacy needs, without creating a solid wall blocking out the rest of the world.

  1. Convex Fencing

This is a finishing design to a normal plank fence where the top of the fence is cut into a “rolling wave” shape that’s quite attractive.

  1. Dog-Eared Fencing

“Dog-ear” fencing is just a slight change to a normal wooden fence; instead of a flat-sawn top, each board has had the corners cut off, which gives it a half-hexagonal or “dog-eared” shape.

  1. Lattice Fencing

While solid fences offer plenty of privacy, they can also block sunlight and create a “fortress” feel that homeowners sometimes find oppressive.  Lattice is unique in that, unlike other types of wood fences, it admits plenty of outside light, while also allowing breezes to flow virtually unhindered.  For many people, this style offers the best combination of features.

  1. Lock Board Fencing

These fences are reminiscent of tongue-and-groove working patterns, in that they join neatly together to create a solid, uniform look.  With a top and bottom board to tie together the solid wooden privacy fence, this style creates a refined, highly finished appearance that easily follows the contours of a piece of land.

  1. Stockade Fencing

For those who must balance appearance with security concerns, this is often the best of the many different types of wood fencesThe design is almost rustic in its simplicity: each plank ends with a simple point facing upwards.  This feature offers a strong deterrent to anyone who might consider climbing over the border.

  1. Picket Fencing

This is the classic, “all-American” choice that many people associate with warm summer days, backyard cookouts, and good times in general.  Picket fences keep dogs and kids safe while enhancing the home’s appearance.  Pickets come as close as any of the types of wood fences mentioned in this article to being a “can’t-miss” choice for most homeowners.

Got Questions?  We Have Answers

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