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6 Ways a Cedar Privacy Fence Can Enhance Your Life

By October 20, 2014No Comments

A cedar privacy fence not only adds to your peace of mind, it also benefits you in other ways. Here are six reasons to have one of these beautiful structures added to your property.

  1. A cedar privacy fence will enable you to enjoy your yard in comfort. You’ll be able to swim in your pool, sunbathe, relax in your hot tub, or enjoy a host of other activities without worrying about prying eyes making you or your family members uncomfortable. That’s an important feature to have, whether you live in a crowded subdivision or on a remote country lane.
  2. A cedar privacy fence will outlast pressure-treated wood. Cedar has adapted over the centuries to be extremely resistant to moisture-related decay, thanks to its native growing areas in Oregon and Washington State, where high humidity is a matter of course. If cedar can endure those moist climates, imagine how durable it is in south Texas! This makes it the ultimate choice for outdoor wooden structures in and around San Antonio. Your cedar privacy fence investment will pay for itself many times over in freedom from extensive upkeep, leaving you more time – and money – to enjoy your life.
  3. A cedar privacy fence is the perfect choice when you have a pool or hot tub. That’s because cedar is naturally resistant to warping, swelling, shrinkage, and other problems. As such, this material also maintains its dimensions in all types of weather, including heavy, prolonged periods of rain. This is just one more reason why cedar is the can’t-miss choice for long life and extreme endurance.
  4. A cedar wood fence offers exceptional beauty to complement any home. This material is in high demand for shingles, siding, trim, and other construction purposes. Cedar has rich grains that set it apart from more common types of lumber. These textures remain easily seen, even if you choose to stain or paint your new fence. This is a benefit other types of wood just can’t match.
  5. A cedar wood fence will enhance your home’s curb appeal. Prospective home buyers recognize when a property has been taken care of, like the fact that the current owners thought enough of their investment to have a cedar wood fence installed. In this way, cedar not only pays for itself, it can actually put money in your pocket in the end.
  6. American Fence & Deck places emphasis on care and craftsmanship of cedar wood fences. When you have your new cedar wood fence built by us, you’ll enjoy all these benefits, along with the fact that building cedar fences has long been our trademark. We have been doing business in San Antonio and surrounding area for many years. We’re established, respected members of the local business community, and we have references from past customers to prove it.

In addition to fencing, we’re also very proud of the work we do with patios and patio covers. Our skill and professionalism are top-notch, while our rates remain quite reasonable. So call us today for a free, no-hassle estimate. We will listen to your needs, discuss your options, and give you the facts you need to make an informed decision. We look forward to hearing from you.

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