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5 Beautiful Types of San Antonio Fences

If you’re looking at designs for San Antonio fences, then you’re in luck.  Here’s a glimpse at five different ideas.  Each offers a mix of beauty, security, and ease of maintenance, and one of them is sure to be right for your home.

  1. Concrete Fences – Pre-cast concrete allows for one of the most beautiful and durable types of San Antonio fences. Its clean, refreshing looks fit in well with almost any home or landscape design.  Concrete fences allow for versatile designs and require practically zero maintenance. The possibilities are endless; you can even get the look of a wood fence with concrete!
  2. Pillar-to-post – The posts for this style can range from simple wooden beams to elaborate brick and mortar structures.  This type of fencing serves more as decoration and property marking than as hard-core security, but its good looks are undeniable.
  3. Cedar planks – The natural beauty and durability of this material makes it perfect for any number of designs.  Stack the planks close together for privacy or set them apart for a warm, airy look.  Arrange them horizontally or vertically, use them by themselves, add decorative touches, or create a look that’s all your own.  With cedar planking the possibilities are endless.
  4. Aluminum panels – These create a strong and attractive fence that rivals wrought iron in beauty but is more affordable.  Baked enamel surfaces keep these fences looking great with minimal upkeep.
  5. Lattice fencing – A balanced compromise between openness and privacy, lattice permits sunshine and cool breezes to flow through, while discouraging trespassers and roving eyes.  Available in a variety of color and material options, lattice fencing is a can’t-miss choice.

No matter what dreams you have for your home’s exterior, the place to start is with American Fence & Deck.  We have the know-how and experience to do the job right the first time, but our rates are more affordable than you might think. Call us for San Antonio fences today!

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