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4 Types of Fencing That Are Perfect for your Backyard Pool

Pools are the perfect places to gather with friends and cool off from the summer heat.  For everyone’s privacy and safety, though, it makes sense to consider what types of fencing will work best in the area around your pool.  Some of the most popular options are discussed below.  Each offers its own unique set of advantages.

Sectioned Aluminum

This fencing is often mistaken for iron, though it’s much lighter and less costly to install.  With its classic good looks and powder-coated finish, it’s a perfect choice for those desiring an attractive border around their pool area.  It can keep small children and animals away without blocking people who have legitimate reasons to be in the area.  However, its open design limits its value as a privacy screen.


This choice is unbeatable for those who desire privacy.  Vinyl fencing comes in four, six, and eight-foot heights, as well as a number of color and design options.  Its solid construction gives it strong privacy-protection features.  However, it can also keep out sunlight and give the area an undesirable “walled-off” look.


Wood is a classic choice for fencing materials.  It’s affordable, durable, and can easily be cut to fit just about any design requirements.  Its flexibility allows you to choose your preferred level of privacy vs. visibility. For example, a board-on-board wooden fence would hide your pool from prying eyes, but a lattice look would allow for more airflow and a nicer view. Wood fences may require more maintenance than other options discussed here, such as periodic recoating with paint or stain.

Chain Link

A time-honored classic, chain link is extremely sturdy when installed properly, making it ideal for keeping out animals, small children, and unwanted persons. Modern vinyl-coated options are softer and more pleasing to the eye than older types.

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