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4 Not-so-Great San Antonio Decks and Patios

By April 10, 2014No Comments

As builders of quality San Antonio decks and fences, we occasionally see or hear of structures that make us chuckle – or groan, as the case may be.  We thought we’d share some of these things with our readers, both for a laugh and as a cautionary tale.

The Tarp Patio

This approach does have one advantage: it’s quick.  Simply lay a tarp on the ground and pin the corners down with rocks, chunks of concrete, or what have you: project finished. Unfortunately, the new “patio” doesn’t last very long before the wind carries it away, but it’ll work for a short time.

The Untreated Wood Deck

Quick explanation: treated wood is lumber that has been saturated with anti-rot and anti-insect preservatives.  This allows it to resist the elements for several years, making it a great material for San Antonio decks.  Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the crucial difference between treated and untreated wood.  This becomes clear, however, when people use the unfinished variety for outdoor projects like decks.  The final result often looks great for a short time.  But then it starts to rain, causing the deck to dissolve into a pile of splinters and mush within a few months.

The Sunken Deck

This is similar to a floating deck, which rests on a foundation of blocks or piers.  The crucial difference is that the builder, unaware of the need for some type of foundation, lays the deck directly on the ground.  Not only does this promote rotting, it also causes the ground underneath the deck to wash away due to trapped rainwater.  As a result, it gradually sinks into the ground, eventually (we assume) to be seen no more.

The Block/Paver Deck

This is a slight improvement on the tarp deck, in that the builder uses sturdy materials.  Problem is, the pavers or blocks are laid directly on the ground, with no base of concrete, gravel, or even sand to support them.  The final result is the same as the sunken deck, one stone at a time.

We share these sad stories about San Antonio decks and patios with you, not to make fun of anyone, but as a gentle reminder that construction, like other professions, has a rigid set of rules that must be followed.  This ensures both personal safety and customer satisfaction.  So, if you’re in the market for a great outdoor space, give us a call today.  We’ll be glad to show you how affordable our high-quality San Antonio decks, fences, and patio covers can be!

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