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4 Benefits to Hiring a San Antonio Fence Company

By April 17, 2014No Comments

A professional San Antonio fence company offers many advantages when compared to hiring general laborers or going the DIY route.  Here’s what we mean:

  1. A San Antonio fence company like American Fence & Deck builds fences all the time.  That’s how we feed our families.  As a result, we’re familiar with the latest materials and best techniques for doing the work correctly and in a reasonable time.  That’s something DIYers and jacks-of-all-trades just can’t say.
  2. All reputable fence builders back their work with a guarantee of satisfaction.  Simply put, if we screw it up then we’ll fix it.  On the other hand, DIYers are completely on their own if something goes wrong.  This can cause more expense over time than simply entrusting the work to seasoned professionals the first time around.
  3. An established San Antonio fence company will gladly provide references from past customers, people you can check with to ensure that the company does good work.  The DIYer, however, has probably never built a fence before in his or her life. As for general laborers, they usually handle many different types of work.  More often than not, they specialize in unskilled jobs that require only minimal training.
  4. With a San Antonio fence company, you’ll have the assurance and peace of mind that come with getting an accurate estimate before the work begins.  You’ll know ahead of time how much the job will cost.  DIYers and general laborers, on the other hand, rarely have the specialized knowledge needed to accurately calculate how much the material, labor, etc., will cost.  The result could be a nasty shock after all is said and done.


When you add it all up, it’s clear that using a licensed, bonded, professional San Antonio fence company is the way to go.  That’s where American Fence & Deck comes in; call us today for a free, no-obligation estimate on your project.

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