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Looking at Fence Companies in San Antonio? 8 Must-Haves

When choosing among fence companies in San Antonio, it’s important to ask questions, check references, and be sure you’re comfortable with the business you choose.  Failing to do so can lead to all sorts of problems, such as: overpricing, shoddy workmanship, or even worse.

Here are eight things to look at when making this all-important choice:

  1. Roots – Generally speaking, a reputable company will have long-established ties in the San Antonio area.  This doesn’t mean that every new business start-up is a scam; far from it.  But when your hard-earned money is on the line, do you really want to take chances with a firm that just opened its doors?
  2. Place – You want to look for fence companies in San Antonio that operate from a central location.  While their employees or contractors may operate out of their homes, the business itself should have a physical office from which it conducts day-to-day affairs.  There are many exceptions to this rule; it’s just something to think about.
  3. Openness – One sure way to tell an honest business from a scam is to ask lots of questions.  These may include: how will you estimate the costs of my job?  How many workers do you have, and what is their level of experience with fencing and deck work?  Can you point out examples of other jobs you have done in my area?  How long will my project take, and what happens if completion is delayed by weather or material shortages?  What sort of guarantees do you offer?  Legitimate companies gladly answer queries like these, while con artists evade them or simply walk away.
  4. References – Ask the fence companies in San Antonio you talk to about past customers, including contact information.  Once you have these details, call the people and ask them to share their experiences.  You may also want to ask the person if they are friends or relatives of the contractor, just to make sure you’re getting an honest, unbiased review.
  5. Credentials – Above-board companies are licensed and bonded.  They carry workmen’s compensation insurance and other required coverage.  They’re registered with the state and federal departments of revenue.  The fact that they took these steps is one more assurance that they will treat you right, should you give them your business.
  6. Professionalism – Granted, fence and decking contractors are not bankers or doctors.  Nonetheless, they should be well-spoken, reasonably attired, and courteous.  Uniforms and marked company trucks are two other signs that they take their jobs seriously.  Never settle for any company that makes you feel uneasy or unduly cautious.  If in doubt about the operation’s honesty, then don’t hesitate to contact law enforcement or the Better Business Bureau.
  7. Options – You are unique, as are your tastes and needs.  So it just makes sense that the fence companies in San Antonio you consider should offer a variety of styles, materials, designs, etc.  They should give you accurate estimates about what each option will cost and how long it will take to install.  If the firm you’re considering has a one-size-fits-all approaching to fencing or decking needs, then you should think long and hard before giving it your business.
  8. A good feeling – After talking to company representatives, you should feel that you were treated right, that your questions were answered, and that you have a good understanding of your project and what it will cost you.

We share these facts because we want you to be happy with whichever company you select.  One way to be sure you get a great deal and top-notch service, however, is to choose American Fence & Deck.  Call us today for a fast, free estimate.

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